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Megan McLaughlin - UX Designer

Communication is my thing. You need to hear from your users and learn what they need; I can help.

My design practice is also inspired by my experience as a gardener.

These skills include:

  • Careful observation
  • Following patterns
  • Considering larger systems
  • Attention to detail
  • Experimenting as I go

All this serves me as well in design as it does with plants.

My Work

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A strong communicator
A mediator

I can take complex ideas and express them simply and clearly, so that a wide range of people can easily understand.

I see both sides of any situation and do what I can to bridge the gaps in understanding. I value harmony and cooperation.

I thrive in environments that support my values. I like to have an emotional and moral connection to my work.

Who I am

More about me
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Why UX?

Both at work and in community groups, I saw organizations making big decisions without taking their client base into account. I knew this was a disconnect and a losing situation for everyone involved. Now I help make sure that doesn't happen.

Outside of work you'll find me...

  • Eating cherry tomatoes I grew myself
  • Playing trumpet in a 100 person brass band
  • Volunteering at a community music school
  • Getting my cat to do backflips with a feather wand

Say hello

I'm looking for new opportunities, particularly in sustainability and other socially-conscious areas.
Reach out here, or by email.

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I'm local to Boston, and also effective working remotely. Feel free to send me an email, or let this form send one for you.

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