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Advocating for better communication and streamlining services is a longtime passion of mine, beginning long before my job title included the word "Designer."

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  • Service design
  • UX Strategy
  • Permaculture design
  • My local brass band community
  • Container gardening
  • My extremely fluffy cats
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my story

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I developed a plan to streamline an organization, grow membership, and save money for a local community center. I was a member of this community when they revealed issues with their budget. I spoke with other members about what programming they valued most, and saw that there was a mismatch. I met with leadership and provided recommendations on how to reallocate resources according to user needs.

I loved the puzzle and challenge of making that plan, of conducting user research, of aligning the priorities of the organization with those of its membership. At the time I didn't know the name for what I was doing. Once I read about human centered design, I knew it was the career I’ve been looking for my whole life.

What brought me to digital products was my dad. He’s a hard-working regular guy who is not very tech-savvy. Because everything from job applications to social services means dealing with technology, people like him need the web and mobile devices to be as hassle-free as possible. So when I design, I pay special attention to accessibility.

My career before design was an extensive study of human nature. Through years of previous experience in user-facing roles, I honed my people skills and developed an understanding of human motivations and behaviors. Now, as an experience designer, I apply this understanding to my current work.

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